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I offer the following services
Music engraving


I am available to engrave your music.

While modern notation software does a very good job, typesetting your music for performance or publication is not merely inputting it into a computer and accepting the results. As a performer, I have seen much music, often quite good, that is poorly copied and makes performance more difficult.


A good music engraver will typeset your music so the final result is both beautiful to look at and clearly understood. If your work is worth sending to a publisher, put your best foot forward and have it professionally engraved.


I will try to give you a timeline when you contact me. I can either ship printed music to you or e-mail PDF files (usually the best for printing).


My rates vary depending on the complexity of the music, legibility of the manuscript or score, and time pressure. Scores are generally charged by the finished page, or, sometimes, by the hour; orchestra parts are almost always charged by the finished page. Contact me at to discuss your project and get a quote. I enjoy working on everything from simple pieces for soloists to full-length orchestras.


Engraving errors will always be corrected free of charge. Your fee includes one free edit for corrections and/or small changes and adjustments. After that, small changes to your original material will be billed. Should changes be more significent and require extensive new music or reformatting of current music or layout, the fee is figured on an "active measure" basis with a minimum cost.


As a professional musician, I bring my performing experience to your scores.




Arrangements, transcriptions, adaptions for Accordion


For additional arrangements, transcriptions and adaptions or to inquire about commissioning a new arrangement, please feel free to contact me.


Custom arranging prices are determined on a per piece basis. Please contact me to discuss your project. It is important to include deadline for the piece, the size of your accordion, the size and instrumentation of the ensemble, copyright ownership, and the intended use of the music.



I have been performing on the accordion for nearly 32 years and teaching accordion for nearly 23 years and in that time I have taught students from five years old up to 79 years of age and from a wide range of backgrounds.


I believe that people learn best when they are playing music that appeals to them, so I tailor my lessons to you. I think it is important that a music teacher can help their students explore areas of music that the student find enjoyable and interesting.


I am equally happy teaching a wide range of styles from French Musette to Balkan dance and Greek folk music to the tangos of Astor Piazolla and the keyboard works of J.S. Bach.


I am able to teach at any level from absolute beginners, who have never held an accordion before to advanced level, where students wish to improve their skills.


Everyone learns to play a musical instrument differently and together we will work out the best methods for you or your children.



Custom Design
Fresh Ideas
Aesthetics and View


Web Design


A good website not only looks attractive to create a good and lasting first impression but also contains the information and functions that are useful to or expected from both existing and potential customers. A website is often the most cost-effective form of marketing and has the potential to reach a greater audience.


Your website is your most important representative on one of the most relevant medias of today. Each business is, however, different. My goal is not only to deliver a superior product in a timely manner, but to ensure that each and every need of my customer is met or exceeded.


I create customized websites catering to the individual client’s professional and business requirements. Every website is user friendly, mobile enabled,  visible on all devices and across all browsers.



Good design makes the complex appear simple. Start your project today!


Samples of websites projects of my work


Here are links to other web sites I have designed. By clicking on any text link or thumbnail web sites will open in a new window to explore them.





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