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Videos from concerts, live performances, events ...
Thessaloniki Consert hall
(under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture)


Moments of a unique musical collaboration...


Symphony orchestra "Spyros Samaras"

Conservatories "Astrinidio" & "Ε. Samara" Thessaloniki

Soprano soloist: Elli Chatzikyriakidou
Accordion soloist: Spiros Melissanidis

Conductor: Kabanis Samaras




22 December 2013

Rising Star


with singer Kostas Makedonas

5  February 2017

Stin igia mas re pedia
(Cheers to us, guys)


with singer Kostas Makedonas

25 February 2017

When the Gods celebrate
(Makrisia Ilias)


with singer Petros Gaitanos

August 2007

(ΕΤ3 TV)


with singer Elsa Mouratidou and pianist Giorgios Kokkinakis

3 February 2015

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