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Accordion Syllabus

I provide accordion instruction for all levels of study and musical genres. Below are a few sample lesson programs that I've customized in the past.

1. Getting Back into the Accordion

Intended for the adult student who took lessons as a child and wants to get back in touch with the instrument. Lessons include accelerated review of the basics and a broad study of many musical styles, rhythms, and genres.

2. Absolute Beginner's Guide to the Accordion

This course assumes no previous knowledge and goes through the fundamental concepts of music in a fun way that involves many practical examples of different types of music. Focus is on reading music and developing ear training, harmony, and good technique.

3. Advanced Studies in Accordion

Intended for the future virtuosos who are looking for a solid grounding in music theory, ear training, improvisation, harmony, and technique. Includes jazz chord combining, bellows techniques, accordion sound effects, and free bass instruction.

4. The World of Accordion

This course emphasizes the role of the accordion (and its cousins the bandoneon, concertina, etc) in just about all of the world's cultures. After completing this course, you will have a sound structure in playing a wide range of music such as blues, latin, jazz, cajun, zydeco, swing, polka, tango, bossa nova, rock, salsa, middle eastern, irish, tex-mex, italian, french, scottish, klezmer, greek, balkan, and much more!





For a full and downloadable PDF file of the accordion syllabus in its entirety, click:

Accordion Syllabus

(under the auspices of the Greek Accordion Teachers Association)







* by clicking on the above image you can download to your computer in pdf file, the Accordion syllabus suggested by GATA

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