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Upcoming and Past Performances
Thessaloniki Consert hall
(under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture)


Moments of a unique musical collaboration...


Symphony orchestra "Spyros Samaras"

Conservatories "Astrinidio" & "Ε. Samara" Thessaloniki

Soprano soloist: Elli Chatzikyriakidou
Accordion soloist: Spiros Melissanidis

Conductor: Kabanis Samaras




22 December 2013

Open Microphones
(Municipal Television Thessaloniki TV 100)


"Eftichia, Lefteris, Lina... Stichomythia"


with the music band "Imerologia Palkou" (Calendar Stage)

8 March 2014



"The secrets of the songs"


with the music band "Imerologia Palkou" (Calendar Stage)





















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