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Spiros Melissanidis was born in 1972 in Dachau, Germany. At the age of 10 he started

accordion lessons with Professor Nikos Chatziioanou with whom he graduated in accordion, music

theory, harmony, counterpoint and fugue at the conservatories of Thessaloniki, and among other

honors acquired the accordion specialist diploma. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Physics, Faculty

of Science, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), while he also earned computer skills

certification enabling him to teach in the public and private sectors (under the auspices of the

Union of Greek Physicists and the General Department of Physics, Chemistry and Engineering

of material, TEI Piraeus). He has completed the second year of the composition class of the

Conservatory "Symfonia" Thessaloniki (Class Evanggelia Kateli).


He teaches the subject of accordion and music theory at various musical institutions in

Thessaloniki and other cities ("Music Workshop", Conservatory of Northern Greece, K. Toumba

Matsigos Conservatory, Conservatory "Alexander" Sindos, Astrinideio Conservatory, Conservatory Samara,

Conservatory Music College of Thessaloniki, AMS (About Music Studios & Lessons), Conservatory Symfonia).

He is Studies Programmer for the accordion of the above musical institutions.

During his military service he was a musician and arranger of the military band and the military orchestra of traditional folk music and a member of the computer science group, authorized with a right of access to information of classified documents.


As an accordionist he works with orchestras playing traditional Greek folk music, foreign music (New musette, tango nuevo, Latin, Jazz), and with traditional dance bands performing in concert halls and venues in Greece and abroad (New York, Amman, Munich, Vienna, Stuttgart, etc.).


He attended the seminar "Master Class Accordion" with V. Semenov, Y. Shishkin.


He is a member of the jury of the Greek National Accordion Competition. His students received several awards, participating in national and international accordion competitions.

He is the founder and president of the Greek Accordion Teachers Association, member of the German Accordion Teachers Association (DALV), member of the Union of Greek Physicists, founding member of the Physics Music Group, a member of the Friends of Jazz and Creative Music association, member of the Orchestra of Traditional Art Music Astrinideiou and Samara, member of the Orchestra of Traditional Art Music Astrinideiou and Samara Conservatory, a member of the folk music group Antama.

He was a correspondent of the largest Internet database for accordion ( in Greece for two consecutive years.

He composes arranges, transcribes and adapts  works for accordion or small and large ensembles. He has appeared on numerous radio and TV shows in Greece and abroad and he recorded  a Cd single of his own compositions under the name of ''Ten Years Ago''.


He has worked experimentally with the MIDI music applications and digital accordion.


The use of modern and free improvisation and participation in the live music events with poetry, and the relationship of music and accordion with the other arts (theater, dance, painting) are the axis of his activities.

The thesis in the Department of Physics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki:'' The acoustics of the accordion'' and a series of books about the accordion he has written and translated is unique in Greek bibliography. He also appears as the author of articles and lectures on the subject rebetiko, music education and accordion, which were published in local newspapers.


He has the largest CD collection with accordion music pieces and one of the largest sheet music and textbooks collection for and about accordion in Greece.

Head of Technical Department in MRI Diagnostic Center of Medicine - Research from B. Kelemouridis, Radiologist.


He has participated in the International Marathon (Walk-a-thon) Ronald McDonald House in New York for children with cancer as Greece's representative.


He was advisor to the Olympic gold medalist in Artistic Gymnastics Ioannis Melissanidis.


His hobbies are reading (with emphasis on literary studies of everyday life, cosmology and astronomy), gymnastics, dancing, tape records or CDs with music, especially in the fields of jazz, classical and traditional music, learning other instruments (clarinet, toubeleki)


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